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  • Nursery: 95%
  • Reception: 93%
  • Year 1: 95%
  • Year 2: 92%
  • Year 3: 95%
  • Year 4: 92%
  • Year 5: 95%
  • Year 6: 94%


Holiday homework


For holiday homework we would like you to research climate change as when you come back you will be writing a letter to the Government regarding this topic.

The Watertower

Homework week ending 15/03/24

For homework this week we are asking the children to carry on revising from the website.  They can complete a previous reading, grammar and reasoning paper for Tuesday.  We will mark them in class.


We are also asking them to do some research on the Blitz during World war 2 focusing on the question: how did Britain survive the Blitz?

Homework week ending 8th March 2024

Homework week ending 19th January 2024


Writing - To write a setting description of your favourite place (e.g. your lounge, the park or somewhere else special to you.). You need to make sure that you are using all the elements from the Expected Standard Writing Criteria. Use the writing mats below to help you. Once you have finished you can use coloured pencils to show where you have used the different criteria in your setting description.

Horror story writing

Research for Geography topic


The children should also research landmarks for the countries they have chosen the tourists to visit in our geography lesson this week.  They are to write the list of landmarks in their homework books/folders ready for our lesson next week.



Optional project homework


Our geography topic this term is North and South America.  It would be lovely if the children could make a poster or a model related to this topic.  This can be hjanded in on Friday next week.

Friday 17th November

This week in our writing lessons we are starting a new unit on biography writing. To maximise learning time we are encouraging the children to do their own research into one of the war poets we looked at last week. The children can choose one of the following poets to research about:

- Laurance Binyon (For the Fallen)

- John McCrae (In Flanders Fields)

- Wilfred Owen (Dulce et Decorum Est)


To aid you in your research, you may want to focus on gaining information for the following headings; Early life & family, Education, Career & lasting impact and Interesting facts.

Can you remember the ABCDE of Children's Rights? Mr Plumley will be checking if you can name them on Tuesday.

Spellings to learn

Arithmetic test (to be done by Tuesday 17th October

Spellings to learn for Tuesday 17th October

Arithmetic test (30 minutes) to be timed

Homework - W/E 06/10/23

Science - To research Patricia Bath and write an A4 report on how light helped her research. 

English - On Monday, we will be reading The Rabbits by John Marsden and Shaun Tan.

Read and explore some of the images, symbols and representations from The Rabbits so that you can share your ideas.

Some questions to think about.

Who do the animals represent?

How do they feel about each other at the beginning and in the end? Explain.

What is Shaun Tan’s message?


Homework - W/E 29/09/23

Go on Reading Eggpress and read the Light book, which will support the work we are doing in Science.

For revision purposes only - this does not have to be handed into school.

Homework w/e 22/09/23

Homework weekend beginning 16/09/23 

Light - Reflection extension homework Due 16.09.23

Maths Revision w/b 5/9/23

Spellings to learn.

Topic models


As part of the homework this weekend we are asking the children to make a model or a poster on either Light or Islam.  


We understand that this is short notice so we are giving the children all of next week to complete this.


Thank you as always for your co-operation.


Ms Rockett

The early finish on Friday afternoons are when children should be learning from home.