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St Mary's Church of England Primary School, Yew Tree Road, Slough, England, SL1 2AR



  • Nursery: 95%
  • Reception: 93%
  • Year 1: 95%
  • Year 2: 92%
  • Year 3: 95%
  • Year 4: 92%
  • Year 5: 95%
  • Year 6: 94%

Speech and Language

Speech, Language and Communication 

If you have any concerns regarding your child's speech and communication development. Available for any family with a child between birth and pre-school age living in Slough.


Book an appointment for support with early communication skills for children from birth to the end of nursery.


We can help if your child has difficulties:

  • understanding words, sentences and instructions
  • using words and sentences, pronouncing words
  • talking - stammering, a husky/hoarse voice
  • social skills and play.

Your visit will include:

  • talking about your concerns with a speech and language therapist
  • a brief assessment of your child’s speech and language skills. A Speech and Language Therapist will do this by watching and joining in with your child in a play situation
  • an opportunity to give you advice on how to encourage your child to talk.

What happens next:

  • you may be given advice or specific activities to try and asked to come back to us if you have further concerns
  • your child may be offered another assessment
  • it may be jointly agreed that your child will need further support from the service and an appropriate appointment will be arranged.

For advice on speech, language and communication skill development and how to help, and discuss an appointment contact us on: 0300 365 0123 and choose option 2.
Available Monday 9am to 1pm, Wednesday 12.30pm to 4.30pm and Friday 9am to 1pm.


Who to contact:

Name: Speech and Language Team and Yew Tree Road Children's Centre

Telephone: 01753 635470 / 01753 527571

Email :

Website : Speech and Language therapy - NHS Berkshire Healthcare
Slough Family Services:

Words for Life : Words for Life is created by the National Literacy Trust and supported by UK publishers with funding for its creation from the DfE and Kindred2.

Click below for great ideas to develop and support your child's speech and language: 

Speech and Language UK 

Children at 3 to 4 years will usually be actively learning language and asking many questions. 


How to support your child

There are lots of things you can do to encourage children at this stage:

  • Have a special time to talk about the day. Talking about what has happened that day will help their memory skills. It will also help them to talk about things they cannot see and things that happened in the past which is an important skill for learning in school.
  • Wherever possible, use pictures, objects, puppets, acting, gestures and facial expressions. This will keep a child’s interest.
  • Talk about or play games involving opposites like 'on and off' or 'big and little'
  • Join a child in pretend play. Let them take the lead. This will help their language and creativity. Talk about what they are saying and doing rather than asking lots of questions. Your commentary helps their language skills and shows you are listening and interested.
  • Reversing roles can be great fun for a child. Let them be the 'mummy' or the 'teacher'. This helps them to talk about new situations.
  • Play with and talk about sequences of coloured bricks or shapes, numbers and days of the week.

Things to look out for

By 3 and a half years old a child should be understood by people outside the family. If not, parents should seek advice from a speech and language therapist.


You should be concerned if:

  • They are struggling to turn ideas into sentences
  • The language they use is jumbled and difficult to understand
  • They are unresponsive or slow to follow instructions.