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  • Nursery: 86%
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  • Year 6: 96%


Good morning! Today we are going to be revising and extending our understanding and use of CONJUNCTIONS; specifically looking at FORMAL CONJUNCTIONS. 

Take a moment to think about the work you have previously done on CONJUNCTIONS. 

How are they used?

When are they used?

What is their purpose?


We are going to go on to  writing non-chronological reports and these are one of the features you will have to use successfully.


1.  Watch the lesson and pause at any point to make notes in your Home Learning book.

2.  Complete the exercises which are part of the online lesson in your Home Learning book.

     We are NOT going to be writing a persuasive letter so you do not need to write the pairs of

     sentences about that subject. CHALLENGE: write your pairs of sentences about lighthouses!!

3.  Read through the Powerpoint carefully and follow any instructions and complete the tasks.

     Remember that all writing should be of  Year 6 expected quality with evidence of editing to

     improve your writing. (Make changes in pencil) 

4. Ensure that you complete ALL tasks fully completed before submitting your work to your

    class teachers.