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Good morning Year 6!


Welcome to another day of learning. 


Last week, in English, you carried out research focused on lighthouses. You created a plan - with the side headings that should have guided your research. This week we will be writing the non-chronological report in stages. 

Today we will be writing the first information paragraph.


Refer back to the plan you wrote last week. What is the title/subject of your first paragraph? Gather information from your research notes that will help you construct your paragraph.  Don't forget to:

  • Include interesting and fascinating facts.
  • Look at the list of things to include in your paragraph.
  • Have thought about what you are going to write before you commit yourself to paper. 
  • Once you have written your report - EDIT IT! Correct any errors and check that you have included all the features you can. (Listed on the task) 


Remember that reader engagement is important and you need to think back to the two reports we have looked at (The Romans and Tutankhamun) and think which of those reports was the most engaging and why. Is it the subject of the report, the style it is written in or a combination of the two? Also, you are sharing information - so keep it focused.