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Good morning Year 6! Welcome to the second day of preparation for writing our own

non-chronological reports. 

Yesterday, you looked at one report and familiarised yourself with the features and purpose of such pieces of writing. Today, we are taking it one step further.


1.  You will watch a short clip from the BBC website - from a journalist, explaining the key parts

     of report writing. You can then go on to the independent task.


2.  You have two reports to read through - Tutankhamun (from yesterday) and a report about

     The Romans. (You do not need to print these out.) Remember what was said yesterday - a           report can be written about any subject but the same key features will be evident.  You are

     comparing the key features and effectiveness of the two reports.


Remember that your writing should be of a good Year 6 standard - both in quality and quantity,