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St Mary's Church of England Primary School, Yew Tree Road, Slough, England, SL1 2AR



  • Nursery: 90%
  • Reception: 94%
  • Year 1: 94%
  • Year 2: 96%
  • Year 3: 93%
  • Year 4: 96%
  • Year 5: 94%
  • Year 6: 95%


1. This weeks nursery rhyme is all about bees.


2.Watch the story about Supertato 


3. Task: Ask your grown up if they can help you find any vegetables in the kitchen. Can you draw some (3) of them and write the first sound they begin with next to the picture. Like the one below. You could take a photo and send it to your teacher.



If the grown-ups let you have a spare potato you could even try making Supertato! If you have any bricks can you make a home for Supertato to fit inside?  


3.Optional Activity:

Ask your grown up to play hide the Evil Pea with you!


This is how you play, first find an Evil Pea (you could use a stone). Next ask your grown up to read out the instructions below, now it is your job to follow the instructions given and hide the Evil Pea, but beware he might be a bit sneaky, Arggghh!!!

 Ha, ha you can’t catch me, hide me under the table!

 Ha, ha you can’t catch me, hide me on top of a chair!

Ha, ha you can’t catch me, hide me behind the sofa!

 Ha, ha you can’t catch me hide me inside the fridge!

 Evil Pea challenge! Can you create your own hiding places for the Evil Pea to escape capture? Can you tell a grown up where he is hiding using the correct mathematical language on, under, beside, above, below, behind, next to, in front of.