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In this lesson, we will learn about the eight different planets of our Solar System.


1. Neatly copy down the date (Monday 25th January 2021) and LO (LO: To understand the planets of the Solar System)

2. Watch the video in the link below (up to 12:55 minutes) and complete the tasks:

3. Task 1: (1:40 min of video)- practise pronouncing the key vocabulary out aloud. 

4. Task 2: (4:19 min of video) - pause the video to neatly  copy down the note taking table - use a ruler and sharp pencil.

5. Task 3: Copy out and memorise the mnemonics into your table as shown in the video. 

6. Task 4: (8:25 min of video) - pause the video to neatly take down notes/fill your table with information on each planet. Stop at 12:55 min of video.

The video mentioned in the lesson is below (YouTube video).


Rocky Planets | BBC Bitesize | science

Earth and Space , ks2