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For today's session, we will be learning about the moon and how it moves relative to the planet Earth.


1. Neatly copy the date (Wednesday 20th January 2021) and LO (To explain how moon moves relative to the Earth).


2. Task 1: Watch the learning video below (take notes in your book):

Phases of the Moon | Science Video for Kids

Did you know that the Moon is our nearest neighbor in space? How far is it from us? Does it have air and water on it? You can get all your answers about Moon...

3. Task 2: Click on the link below and answer the science quiz. Write your answer for each question. Mark with a different colour pencil/write your corrections. 

4. Task 3: Create your own information poster on how the moon moves and its different phases. Make sure you draw/colour shade (with colouring pencil) neatly.


Example posters