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Today you will be looking at nutritional labels on food packages and learn what they mean. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully.


Lesson 4: To explore nutritional labels.

1. Start at slide 4. Work through to page 10.

2. Write the long date (Monday 11th January 2021) and underline with a ruler.

3. Write the (LO: To explore nutritional labels.) and underline with a ruler.

4. Find two different packages of food. Answer the following questions in your book.

You should all answer questions: a, b c and d for both packets.

You might want to answer a b c d and e. Remember to write in full sentence.

e.g: A packet of cheese and onion crisp has 0.40g of salt.

Challenge: Is it healthy or unhealthy and why?

A packet of crisp is unhealthy/healthy because...


a. What food group does it belong to?

b. How much salt does it have?

c. How much sugar does it have?

d. How much fat does it have?

e. What are the first three ingredients in your ingredients list?