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  • Nursery: 80%
  • Reception: 87%
  • Year 1: 86%
  • Year 2: 87%
  • Year 3: 74%
  • Year 4: 83%
  • Year 5: 68%
  • Year 6: 85%


Today we're going to continue to learn strategies to answer questions based on a text


1. In your Remote Learning book, write today's date:

Wednesday 27th January 2021 and underline it in pencil.

2. Now write the LO:

LO: To answer questions on a text and underline it in pencil.

3. Using the  'Oak National' link below, watch the video and pause when you are asked to and respond to the questions - you can discuss your answers with an adult or someone in your family.

3. Watch through to '10.30' minutes. Stop the video and write a written response to the following question: Do you think it is fair that Mulan had to pretend to be a girl in order to be a soldier?

4. Use the following sentence opener to help you get started: I think.........because..

5. Resume the video and check your answer.