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Little Red Riding Hood | Fairy Tales |

Watch the story of Little Red Riding Hood...

In today's Reading session we would like you to think about the 5 W's and H.
  • Who? - Who are the characters in the story?
  • What? - What happens or what do they do?
  • Where? - Where does the story take place (setting)?
  • When? - When does it take place (time of day - morning/evening)?
  • Why? - Why does something happen?
  • How? - How is the problem fixed or how do the characters solve the issue?


Using the 5 W's and H, answer the questions above in simple full sentences.

1. The characters in the story are...
2. In the story... happens.
3. The setting of the story is in...
4. The time of day which the story takes place is...
5. The reason why the big bad wolf visits Grandma's house is because...
6. The problem is fixed by the Woodsman who...


Answer the 5 W's and H questions above in clear full sentences, adding detail where needed. Look at the example below: Who? (This can be done for you)

In the story Little Red Riding Hood (LRRH), the main character is a young, jolly girl called LRRH. She lived with her protective mother. On the other side of the woods, not very far, lived LRRH's fragile, old Grandmother. In the story LRRH meets a big, bad fox in the woods and is rescued by a brave, heroic woodsman. 

Write a paragraph including all of the 5 W's and H, based on the story.
Remember to make your ideas flow together, using your knowledge of fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases and conjunctions.

Once there lived a young, jolly girl named Little Red Riding Hood. This young girl lived on the edge of a mysterious, green forest...