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Today you will be predicting  the next paragraph -what is going to happen next in the story of - Tell Me No Lies written by Malorie Blackman.


Day 3    Wednesday 27th January 2021


LO: To reread, recall information, infer, and draw conclusions. 


1. Write the  Day/ Date/ LO:


2. I will read you Activity 3 and then outline the task you are required to complete. 


3. You will need to reread the text, recall information given in the text, infer, and draw                    conclusions. 


Readers should make predictions before, during, and after reading.  There are several different kinds of predictions that a reader can make with a text.  Readers can:

  • predict what the book will be about (Reader use titles and cover illustrations, etc.)

  • predict the author’s purpose (Is the author trying to convince us of something? Does the author want to teach us something? etc.)

  • predict future events in the book (Reader bases these predictions on previous events or character words and actions)

  • predict why an author included a specific text feature (What does it teach us? What information does it help clarify?)

  • predict what they will learn from the text or section within a text (Reader uses titles, headings, and subheadings to inform predictions)

  • predict what would happen next at the end of the book if it were to continue


4. You WILL need to read the extracts several times.


5. Remember to email your work to your class teacher.

Tell me no lies 3.mp4

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