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In todays lesson you will be reading a text and answering questions about the text.


Day 1  - Wednesday 6th January 2021

LO:  Using inference and retrieval skills to decode a text.


1. Write -  Day 1 -  Wednesday 6th January 2021

2. Write the LO

3. Read the text.  

4. You may have to read it several times to fully understand the text.

5. Identify words or phrases you are unsure of. Use a dictionary or google those words or           phrases.

6. Answer the questions about the text.  Below is a guide the types of questions you will need to answer.  Some are short answers but others are longer.  Look at the marks to guide you.


● short answers Some questions are followed by a short line or box. This shows that you need only write a word or phrase in your answer.


● several line answers Some questions are followed by a few lines. This gives you space to write more words or a sentence or two.


● longer answers Some questions are followed by a large box. This shows that a longer, more detailed answer is needed to explain your opinion. You can write in full sentences if you want to.


● other answers For some questions you need do no writing at all and you should tick, draw lines to, or put a ring around your answer. Read the instructions carefully so that you know how to answer the question.