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Lesson 2:


Today you will be learning about some more of the 'inter-related dimensions of music'. This is just a fancy way of saying 'the things that music is made up of', like building blocks. Keep an eye out for any of the famous composers we studied last term in some of the videos!


1. One at a time, click on the links below. Make sure to start with Video 1 first and work in order.

* You must watch the cartoon video at the top of each page.

If you would like to, you can also scroll down to read the extra information and/or watch the other video on each page. 

2. Complete the quiz (you do not need to write your answers down).

3. Click on the 'Chromelab' link. Look at the different ways that they show music notation. 

4. Try notating your own piece of music (e.g. one you saved last week).

5. If you would like an extra challenge, listen to the YouTube video at the bottom of the page. The piece uses an A-B-A structure (one main section, a contrasting middle section, then a repeat of the first section). Can you work out where each section starts and ends?  


Challenge activity