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Mrs Khuram's Group

Today you will be starting a new topic - Statistics. Statistics means collecting and presenting data (information).

There is a mini-dictionary of the important vocabulary for this topic at the bottom, which you might find useful. 


In today's lesson, you will be learning about tally charts.


1. Watch the video in the link below. Pause the video to complete tasks, and re-watch sections if you are confused.

2. Complete the 2Do you have been set on Purple Mash - Tally and data tables. 

3. Write the short date (08.02.21) and the LO (LO: To use tally charts) in your remote learning book.

4. Choose one of the following topics and create a tally chart in your book, with at least 10 pieces of data: 

* Colour of cars you see

* Animals/birds you see on a walk or in your garden

* Pieces of fruit in your home

* Something else you can think of


Make sure you include: 

* The title (what your is tally chart showing)
* The categories (e.g. red, blue, black or blackbird, squirrel etc.)

* Your tally marks, grouped in 5s


5. Remember to email your work your class email account by 12:30pm. If you found anything difficult, write a note on your work so we can see if there is anything we need to go over again. 

Statistics vocabulary - mini-dictionary