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Miss Robinson's/ Mrs Forgarty's Maths Group

Good morning Year 6!


Welcome to your work for today.  


This week, we have started to look at finding percentages of amounts. Today, you will continue to look at percentages but with a more problem solving theme. Remember to reflect on the work from the beginning of the week.  All of the pieces of the jigsaw fit together when problem solving. Also make sure that you have read feedback and gone through any examples you've been walked through. 


As usual, your maths learning is in three parts:


1)   Arithmetic warm up.


2)   Online lesson. Watch the lesson carefully and take notes where necessary. Complete the

      individual tasks that are part of the lesson - and mark them as part of your learning. 

      There should be evidence of this in-lesson learning in the work you send in to school.


3)   Independent tasks. Work your way through carefully and attempt ALL questions.

Can you find the perimeter of the compound shape?