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Miss Robinson's/ Mrs Fogarty's Maths Group

Good morning Year 6! Welcome to another session of maths learning. 


Remember to complete ALL the maths tasks set - they are not optional. 


There are three parts to your learning today:

* arithmetic activity 

* online lesson

* independent learning





1. Read each question carefully.

2. Show working out where necessary - don't rub calculations out.

3. Carefully transcribe answers into the answer box.

4. Work on the test for no more than 30 minutes.

5. Mark the test using a coloured pencil. Remember to look at those answers you got incorrect

    and, next to the question, use the following code:

    C - calculation error (your tables have gone a little wrong. The error is in the calculation)

    M - you used the incorrect method

    T - transcription error ( you have incorrectly copied the answer from your working out into

         the answer box)

6.  Please take a photograph of your score and email that to me.


You are now ready to take part in the lesson. Remember we stopped the lesson at about 13 minutes yesterday - just after we had looked at translating individual points. Today, you will continue the lesson from that place. You will be looking at how to translate whole 2D shapes around a grid and the method for doing this.

1.  Throughout the lesson, make notes in your Home Learning book for future reference.

2.  Stop the lesson when requested to do so and complete the tasks in your Home Learning

     Book. Mark these as part of the lesson - when they are gone through.

3.  At the end of the lesson, complete the independent tasks.

4.  Email these to me on the rowan email address.