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Miss Robinson's/ Mrs Fogarty's Maths Group

Good morning! 

Today, we are continuing to look at plotting coordinates in all four quadrants. Before you start the lesson, you may want to refer back to the notes you made yesterday and think about any comments that Mrs Fogarty or I made on yesterday's work. 

Remember that coordinates are used to give an accurate location or position on a grid. We use these in geography when looking at maps and locating places on them. 

Please ensure that you:

* complete ALL tasks

* write in pencil


Once you have completed the arithmetic warm up activity, you are ready to take part in the lesson. If you wish to add notes to yesterday's work or create revision bubbles, please write these in your Home Learning book. 

Watch the lesson carefully and pause the video when you are asked to.


Now that you have taken part in the lesson, it is time to apply what you have learned!

Work carefully and systematically through the tasks. 

If you are drawing a grid to show an answer, please make it large enough for you to work on and try to space the scale on the axes out as evenly as you can. (Difficult I know!) 

Please set out your work under TASK headings so we know which piece of work you have completed.


We look forward to seeing your work! 


Remember to return your work to: