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Miss Robinson's/ Mrs Fogarty's Maths Group

Good morning! 


A short task involving addition and subtraction to wake up our maths brains!

Remember to set the questions out neatly and clearly in your Home Learning book, using a ruler where necessary - and remember to include the number function! Show all working out.

Arithmetic Warm up - TASK

Since it is the start of a new school term (as well as a new year!), we will be starting a new maths topic. We will be studying GEOMETRY - POSITION AND DIRECTION. This will be focusing on coordinates to describe a location on a grid and how we describe movement around a grid.


Take a few moment to think and create a mind map in your Home Learning book, listing what you remember about geometry and coordinates. These can be simple bullet points.


1. Complete the introductory quiz.

2. Watch the lesson on geometry and coordinates.

3. Pause at any time to make notes and answer questions.

4. Complete the tasks in the video - including the independent task. Mark these as part of the


5. Complete the worksheet. (PDF below the video link) in your Home Learning book.

6. Remember to email your work to the maths class email - 


As you watch the lesson, take note of the mathematical vocabulary associated with GEOMETRY.

You will need these for TASK 1.