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In today’s lesson, pupils will continuing to focus on money. They will be converting money into pounds and pence and using practical equipment to support them.


  1. Write the short date  (1.3.2021) and the LO ( LO: To convert money into pounds and pence.) in your remote learning book.
  2. Make sure you underline your date and LO.
  3. Watch the 'True or False' video. Remember to pause when needed to solve the answer.
  4. Have a go at answering the true or false question before you start your main maths activity. Make sure to send this to your class teacher! 

  5. Today you will have a practical activity to do! You will need real coins to do this activity. 
  6. Have a go at representing each amount in pounds while using coins that you have at home. 


            344p                                    208p

            102p                                    100p

            523p                                    409p

            450p                                    731p                          

            700p                                    080p


6. In your remote learning book, write down the pence shown in pounds e.g. 344p = £3.44.

7. Now have a go representing each amount in pence while using coins that you have at home.

           £1.00                             £2.90

           £1.20                             £3.20       

           £2.50                             £0.99

           £0.40                             £10.00


8. Challenge - 'I have 3 silver coins' How much money do I have in total? 

Have a go at solving this. What could the answer be ? Could there be more then one answer? Show your working out and explain your answer.


9. Make sure you send pictures of you representing the pounds and pence to your class teacher! There will be no work that needs to be handed in. 



True or False Qs - pounds and pence

Still image for this video