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In today's lesson, you will be learning about factor pairs.  


A factor is a number that divides into another number exactly and without leaving a remainder. 


1. Warm your brains up with Mrs Hester's starter. Watch the video below (Warm up 22.2.2021).  

You do not need to write anything down but you might want to do some jottings. Pause the video to complete the calculations and then keep watching for the answers.  

2. Write the short date (22.2.21) and the LO (LO: Factor Pairs) in your remote learning book.  

3. Watch the video from the link below, pause and complete the questions when you are told to. (Factor Pairs)  

4.  Look at your colour task underneath and complete the questions.

5. If you want more practise, have a look at the BBC link below.   


Read your colour group to check the expectations for this lesson.   

* You must complete questions 1-2 and should try questions 3 and 4.   

* You must complete questions 1-4 and should try questions 5-9.  

* You must complete all the questions. 

Warm up 22 2 2021