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  • Reception: 87%
  • Year 1: 86%
  • Year 2: 87%
  • Year 3: 74%
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Today we are starting a new topic: Multiplication and Division. We will start with learning about multiplying by 1 and 0. 


1. Warm your brains up with Mrs Hester's True of False statement. Watch the video below (True or False Perimeter of a Rectilinear Shape).

You do not  need to write anything down. Pause the video and think about the statement before watching the end of the video where Mrs Hester will explain whether the statement is true or false. 

2. Write the short date (20.01.21) and the LO (LO: To multiply by 1 and 0) in your remote learning book.

3. Watch the video link below. (Multiply by 1 and 0)

4. Pause the video at 3 minutes 45 seconds and complete questions 1- 4 from the document below.

5. Pause the video at 6 minutes and 55 seconds and complete questions 5-8 from the document below.

6. Watch the video to the end and complete questions 9 and 10 from the document below. 


Complete the questions on the worksheet in your remote learning books:

* You must all complete questions 1-8

* You should try to complete questions 9 and 10. 


The answers will be put up on this page after 1.30pm for you to check at home. 

True or False 20 1 2021