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  • Nursery: 84%
  • Reception: 93%
  • Year 1: 93%
  • Year 2: 91%
  • Year 3: 94%
  • Year 4: 93%
  • Year 5: 92%
  • Year 6: 96%


10.3.2023 Nelson Handwriting Homework 2


Friday 3rd March 2023

Dear Parents,


Can you please go through the revision on the website with your children.  This is in preparation for their tests which will be delivered the week beginning 13th March 2023.


Thank you 

Ms Rockett

2.3.2023 Recommended Reading Books

23.2.2023 Nelson Handwriting sheets

February Half term homework

Topic homework.



Each week please complete the following homework activities:

  • 5 minutes a day on TTRS.
  • Complete any mathletics tasks set.
  • Complete 20 minutes, 3 times a week on Reading Eggs (maps).
  • 20 minutes reading, 5 times a week with a written comment each time. 


Any other activities will be added here each week. 


Thank you 

Year 4 teachers

Dear Parents,


Every week we will be adding some of the lessons and activities that the children have been learning.  This will enable you to support your child at home and consolidate what they have learnt.


Year 4 team

Reading comment examples. These are the expectations for your child's reading record books. We hope to achieve this by the end of December.

Dear Parents,


Your children are now using notebooks in year 4 as they contribute positively towards their learning and retrieval.  Can you please provide your child with a notebook to bring into school from Monday 10th October 2022.


We appreciate your co-operation as always.


Year 4 team.

Can you please revise negative numbers with your children as this is a new topic and some of the children found it confusing.  We will be teaching the lesson again on Monday.


We have also been researching Ancient Egyptian ships.  The children were interested in having a go at making a ship so we have put some ideas for them on the website.  This is an optional activity so please don't feel they have to.


Year 4 team.

Conjunction Word Mat

English glossary

Friday 4th November 2022

Good evening,


The children did a reading and maths test today.  Most of them scored very lowly especially in the reading which again highlights the importance of them reading every day at home.  I am putting both tests on the website for them to have a go again at the weekend.  I would really appreciate your support in getting your children to the expected level for year 4.


If you can print them off for your child to bring into school on Monday that would be fantastic.  If you can't, don't worry they just need to do them again for homework.


Ms Rockett (year 4 leader).

Friday 11th November 2022

For this week's homework can you please get your children to revise grammar terms from the grammar glossary above.


I am also adding some subtraction with multiple exchanges which we are currently working on in class together with a lesson on direct speech.  Please can you revise this with them over the weekend as the children will be sitting assessments in Grammar, Maths and Reading the week after next.  I have left the reading assessment which the children did last week on here.  They need to practice this.  I have also attached grammar mats which they need to practice.  Plenty to do at the weekend.


Thank you,


Ms Rockett (Year 4 leader).

Friday 18th November 2022


Homework this week has been set on Mathletics for Area.  Please ensure your child logins in and does the tasks assigned.


I am also putting chapter 3 of The Great Chocoplot onto the website.  The children need to have read this before Monday as both our writing and reading lessons next week are based on the chapter.


Have a lovely weekend,


Ms Rockett (Year Leader).

Weekend homework - Friday 9th December 2022

Friday 6th Jan 2023 Figurative Language homework

Examples of book reports and story map. Please create a story map or book report about a book that you have read.

19.1.2023 Setting description for Hazel Class

27.1.2023 Hazel class - Dangers of Electricity Poster- To be brought in finished on Monday 30th January 2023