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St Mary's Church of England Primary School, Yew Tree Road, Slough, England, SL1 2AR

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  • Nursery: 80%
  • Reception: 87%
  • Year 1: 86%
  • Year 2: 87%
  • Year 3: 74%
  • Year 4: 83%
  • Year 5: 68%
  • Year 6: 85%


This very creative member of Hazel class has written her own book! Inspired by lockdown and the fact she couldn't travel - she wrote a book all about travel!

Aleena kept herself very busy over the February break, she read ALL of these books!


Sasha wrote an amazing poem all about the effects of a tornado. 

Brionj wrote a fantastic poem called Dark Night. 

Sasha'a work is the perfect example of how to lay out your red reading work. 

Brionj did a brilliant job explaining what Happy Hummingbird Food meant to him. 

Kristupas was inspired by John Lyon, and wrote his own poem. 

Naska set herself a huge challenge to apply her knowledge of suffixes! 

Yasmin has been enjoying using her laptop to complete her English work!

Brionj has used lots of different fronted adverbials in his writing. He has underlined the fronted adverbial in red, and underlined the verb in green. 

Dawood worked hard to write two contrasting descriptions of a nice monster and a mean monster. 

Brionj drew a nice monster and a mean monster, then wend on to describe them using expanded noun phrases. 

As we are currently reading The Ikabog in English, Brionj designed his own plastic-eating, planet-saving monster!

This hardworking Y4 created his very own firework after being inspired by The Firework Maker's







This inventor from Hazel class and designed and created this amazing firework! Just like Lila did in The Firework Maker's Daughter. 

Taha has written a book review of Everybody Worries by Jon Burgerman. 





Brionj has written a lovely, descriptive piece about The Borrowers. 

It's day one of remote learning, and Sasha is working hard on her writing.