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  • Year 2: 87%
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This term we are going to start by looking at a famous narrative poem called 'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes, which we will then turn into a piece of narrative writing (a story). 


Our learning journey will be: 

* To understand the poem (including context and language) 

* To plan and write a narrative (in small sections, based around the sections of the poem)


1. Write the date (Wednesday 3rd March 2021) and LO (LO: To analyse the build-up of the poem 'The Highwayman'). 

2. Watch the video in the link below. Remember to pause and complete activities from the video. Some should be done in your book, others in your head: 

* 2:00 – Writing warm up - In your head

* 4:40 - Thinking question - In your head

* 6:45 – Vocabulary list - In your book

10:10/10:45/10:58 – Vocabulary check - In your head

* 13:13 – Optional task: Draw a quick sketch of the landlord’s daughter - In your book

* 15:30 - Thinking question recap - In your head

* 17:22 – Sentence writing - In your book


Where you can, you should correct your own work using the answers from the video. Your teacher will provide feedback for anything not covered in the video.


3. Remember to send your work to your class email account by 12:30pm.


Alder - Re-create a scene from a book

1. Think of a scene from a book that you particularly like.

2. Create that scene for yourself. You could: 

* Draw or paint it on a piece of paper

* Create a 3D model of it

* Dress up and act it out/do a freeze frame and take a picture

* Make it out of cake

* Or something else you can think of - this is your chance to let your imagination run wild. 

3. Make sure you send a picture to the class account so we can see your fantastic efforts!


Juniper - Book recommendation 

1. Think about a book you have read recently. It doesn't matter whether you enjoyed it or not. 

2. Think about what kind of person might like the book (e.g. age range, reading ability, gender, interests etc.)

3. Decide one one specific person who you think would really enjoy the book. Write them a letter/note/email explaining: 
* What book you have chosen for them (title, author, illustrator)

* What the book is about (a short summary - remember not to give too much away!)

* Why you think they would enjoy the book

4. Send your message to that person, if possible (e.g. if it is a teacher you could email their class account, if it is someone you live with you could give them a handwritten letter). Take a picture of your note to send to the class account too. 


Sycamore - Live storytelling via MS Teams at 11:30am

1. Log into MS Teams before 11:30am. 

2. Go to your 'Calendar': 


3. Find the 'Live storytelling' meeting: 


4. Click 'Join' to join the meeting and wait for Mr Ali to admit you: