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This term we are going to start by looking at a famous narrative poem called 'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes, which we will then turn into a piece of narrative writing (a story). 


Our learning journey will be: 

* To understand the poem (including context and language) 

* To plan and write a narrative (in small sections, based around the sections of the poem)



1. Write the date (Tuesday 23rd February 2021) and LO (LO: To analyse the opening of 'The Highwayman'). 

2. Watch the video in the link below. Remember to pause and complete activities from the video. Some should be done in your book, others in your head: 

* 1:05 – Writing warm up - In your head

* 4:33 – Words you are unsure about- In your book

* 7:34/11:04 – Vocabulary check - In your head

* 13:31 – Words to describe the setting - In your head

* 16:15 – Write your 2 of your own complex sentences - In your book

* 16:52 – Optional Activity: If you want to you can draw your setting and add some of your own vocabulary to it - In your book


Where you can, you should correct your own work using the answers from the video. Your teacher will provide feedback for anything not covered in the video.


3. Remember to send your work to your class email account by 12:30pm.


1. Re-watch the video below. It is a full version of The Highwayman with animations to support the story.

2. Write the short date (23.02.21) and Reading in your remote learning so we can identify your work.

3. Answers the following questions in your remote learning book, in full sentences.
      1) Did you like the poem? Explain why/why not, using quotes from the text (poem). 

      2) What time of day is it during the first part of the poem? Explain how you know, using                  evidence from the text. You should find at least 2 different words/phrases to support                  your answer.  

      3) Each stanza (verse) of the poem has some form of repetition. Why do you think that the             poet has chosen to do this? What is the impact on you as a reader? 

The Highwayman Animated