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Today we will looking at writing the middle of our story


Before we start today's lesson, can you think about what you learnt yesterday? Tell someone in your family!


1. Last week we began planning our own story of Little Red Riding Hood (LRRH) and we wrote the beginning of our story where we introduced the main character and setting.

2. In today's lesson, we are going to write the middle of our story. Remember the middle needs to include:

- the build up (what happens before the problem - In LRRH the 'build up' was when Little Red met the wolf and told him of her plan to visit her Gran)

- the problem ( In LRRH, the 'problem' was that the Wolf ate Granny and waited dressed up so that he could eat LRRH also)

3. In your remote Learning book, write today's date and underline it in pencil:

Monday 8th February 2021

4. Now write the LO  and underline it in pencil:

LO: To write the middle of my story

5. Remember you are not re-writing the story of LRRH - you are writing your own story which you planned last week! Take a look at your plan now.

6. You should write two paragraphs - one for the build up and one for the problem. 

7. I have included some vocabulary to help (see below)

8. I have also written one to show you how your writing should look.

9. Once completed, re-read your work and check that you have included capital letters and full stops and that your writing makes sense!

10. Email your work to your teacher.


I have included a time connectives word mat below to help you.


Example Middle: I have decided to change my story and character so my build up and problem will be different.


Include time connectives (then, next etc)

Include speech - we have completed a lesson on this already.

Range of punctuation (question/exclamation marks, ellipses etc)



The next morning, Ravi was woken by his brother, He didn’t want to wake up but knew his Mum would soon start shouting! He trudged into the courtyard and sat on the cold floor to have his breakfast. Once finished he began to walk towards the chicken coup ready to collect the eggs to sell at the market. Sometime later, his friend Geeta joined him and together they collected 11 eggs! Ravi felt pleased – today they may have enough money for some sweets! He quickly got his jumper on and off they went with their bag of eggs..


They walked quickly and soon arrived at the market. They looked around, it was very busy. There were lots of traders, selling beautiful saris, toys and spices. Ravi and Geeta could smell the aroma of pakoras and jalebis lingering in the air. ‘Come on Geeta – let’s hurry’ said Ravi as they pushed through the crowds. He kept on going. It was getting hotter.  He felt tired. People were pushing and shoving. ‘Ouch’ he cried as a big burly man elbowed him in the ribs. It seemed ages before he found his trader and it didn’t take long for him to hand the eggs over and get his money. He clutched the notes tightly and placed them quickly in his pocket. He turned back, looking for Geeta….but she wasn't there……


Time Connectives Word Mat

Re-reading reminders

Still image for this video