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Today we will looking at writing the beginning of out story


Before we start today's lesson, can you think about what you learnt yesterday? Tell someone in your family!


1. Last week we began planning our own story of Little Red Riding Hood.

2. In today's lesson, we are going to write the beginning of our story. Remember the beginning needs to include:

- Opening sentence which tells the reader that the story happened many years ago

- Description of the setting

- Description of the main character.

3. In your remote Learning book, write today's date and underline it in pencil:

Monday 8th February 2021

4. Now write the LO  and underline it in pencil:

LO: To write the beginning of my story

5. Leave a line and write the title of your story (for example: Little Ravi and the Wolf)

6. You should write about 8/9 sentences for your beginning.

7. I have included some vocabulary to help (see below)

8. I have also written one to show you how your writing should look.

9. Once completed, re-read your work and check that you have included capital letters and full stops and that your writing makes sense!

10. Email your work to your teacher.

Example Opening: I have decided to change my story and character.


Include noun phrases/expanded noun phrases

Extra Information which gives information to the reader

Prepositional phrases - to describe setting


Once upon a time, in a village far away in India, there lived a small boy called Ravi. He was the youngest of his three brothers and so everyone called him 'Little Ravi'. He had dark brown, curly hair and eyes as black as the night  - in fact he looked just like his mother! He lived in a large, stone house on the edge of a corn field which belonged to his family. Beside the house was a winding path that led to a water well. At the back was a small, wooden shed which housed the two buffalos and chickens that laid eggs. He woke up everyday to help his mum  fetch water from the well for his family. Ravi loved his family and knew his parents worked hard for them. During the day, Ravi helped his parents by feeding the animals and collecting water and in the evenings he would walk to his closest neighbour Geeta's house. She was his best friend and they often played together in the evenings. Their favourite past time was sitting on the wall, eating pakoras and watching the big cars and lorries travel along the dusty road which ran in front of Geeta's house.