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Today we will be looking to plan our own version of Little Red Riding Hood


Before we start today's lesson, can you think about what you learnt yesterday? Tell someone in your family!


1. Yesterday, we began to 'plan' our own version of Little Red Riding Hood using the planning sheet and thinking carefully about what we would change.

2. In today's lesson, we will be building on that by doing a 'story map' - this means re-telling our story using pictures. This will help us to remember our story better and also think more carefully about the aspects that we want to write about.

3. In your remote Learning book, write today's date and underline it in pencil - you might need to use a double page for today's work- :

Thursday 4th February 2021

4. Now write the LO  and underline it in pencil:

LO: To draw a story map.

5. Have a look at the examples below to help you. 

REMEMBER: You are a drawing a story map for your new story - you must include in it the changes you want to make. For example, if in your story the main character is a boy, then you must draw the boy as part of your story map.

Top Tips:

- Add lots of detail to your pictures this will help you when you begin to write

- Include some speech bubbles

- Once completed, you should be able re-tell your story with confidence. Why not give it to a someone else and see if they can re-tell it!

Examples of Story Maps