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Today we will be looking at how fairytales are structured. This will help you write your own version!


Before we start today's lesson, Can you think about what you learnt yesterday? Tell someone in your family!


1. In today's lesson, we are going to think about the structure of fairytales.

2. In your Remote Learning Book, write today's date and underline it in pencil:

Tuesday 26th January 2021

3. Now write the LO  and underline it in pencil:

LO: To investigate the structure of a fairytales

4. Watch the Youtube links to some favourite fairytales - you could watch them more than once so you fully understand them!

5. Using the sheet below, (you can either print out the sheet below or copy it into your book) choose two fairytales and complete the table showing how fairytales are structured. I have completed one for you to help you.


Worksheet: Investigating the structure of fairytales

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