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Lesson 12 - 21.1.2021


  1. Write the long date ( Thursday 21st January 2021) and LO (LO: To compare twisted fairytales to original fairytale story).
  2. Make sure you underline the date and LO.
  3. In your remote learning book, note down the names of fairy tales with which you are familiar.
  4. Watch the following videos. Have a think about what type of story they are e.g. adventure or fairytale? Do they sound familiar to other stories you have heard before?

 Video Links:


Compare this to the original fairy-tale story that you know - What was different in each story?  What has changed ?  OR What parts were the same? What parts have stayed the same?


Using the table below, make a list of 3 ways in which each twisted tale is similar to its original telling and three ways in which it is different.


Tradition Fairy - tale Vs Twisted fairy-tale


What was the same?

What was different?