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We are still looking at non-fiction writing in English, linking to our Geography work on Rivers. 


Our learning journey will be: 

* To understand features of non-fiction texts - complete

* To use parentheses (brackets, dashes and commas)

* To write a piece of non-fiction text about rivers


This week we will be starting to plan and prepare a piece of writing about rivers.


** Please make sure you complete both 'English' and 'Reading' activities. **


1. Log into Purple Mash (link below).

2. You should have a 2Do (River Facts).

3. Complete the 2Do on the computer, using the writing you have done in your remote learning books throughout the week and the feedback from your teachers. You can also add pictures to your work. The final piece should be 3 detailed paragraphs (each one about a different feature of rivers), with some pictures related to your chosen features. 

4. Once your work is complete 'submit' your 2Do, so your teacher can see it (please do so by 12:30pm).

We will be choosing some of the best ones to go on Twitter!


* As your Spanish work will be set in the afternoon, we suggest you spend longer on this piece of work in the morning (around 10:10-11:45am) to make sure it is a quality piece of writing. *


1. Read the assigned chapter on Reading Eggspress - Dangerous Games: Deadly Ocean - Chapter 4.

2. Open the document below (Chapter 4 - new vocabulary) and read through each slide.

3. Re-read the text (Dangerous Games: Deadly Ocean - Chapter 4).

4. Complete the Chapter 4 Quiz.