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St Mary's Church of England Primary School, Yew Tree Road, Slough, England, SL1 2AR

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  • Nursery: 80%
  • Reception: 87%
  • Year 1: 86%
  • Year 2: 87%
  • Year 3: 74%
  • Year 4: 83%
  • Year 5: 68%
  • Year 6: 85%

Day 4 (4.2.2021)


Please complete the following work.   


Email your reading work to your teacher by 12:30pm today and any performances of your poem. Please state clearly in your email if you are not happy for these to be shared on the website or Twitter.  


The answers for your maths and reading will be put up by 1:30pm.  


If there are any issues with your work, contact your teacher by 2pm.    


Miss Bichard:  

Mrs Hester:  

Miss Raval: