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Today you will be starting an art unit focusing on sketching. For this unit, you do not need to send in your work unless it specifically stated as it will be an ongoing project. We will however, ask to see your final pieces. For best results you will do a little bit every day and add on to the work to create a final piece.

You do not need to do this in your home learning book. If you have a spare book or some scrap pieces of paper you can complete the work on those. Just remember to keep them together.


LO: To create an artist fact file.

Today you will need to send in your work to your teacher so they can see you have answered the questions.

  1. Watch the video.
  2. Read the information on this webpage.
  3. Write todays date (Monday 18th January 2021) and underline.
  4. Write todays LO (LO: To create an artist fact file) and underline.
  5. Answer the questions in full sentences.
  6. All of you should answer questions 1, 2 and 3
    You should try and answer 4 and 5.
    Challenge: What can you tell me about Turners work and dreams?


You can choose to present this how you wish. 



1. What does JMW stand for in Turners name?
2. When was Turner born?
3. What did he paint?
4. Where did he usually paint?
5. Why is sunshine important Turner?
6. Challenge Question!