St Mary’s C E Primary School Curriculum Events Evaluation 2015-16

34 children from Year 5 spent 3 days at Sayers Croft Field centre near Ewhurst in Surrey. The children were accompanied by Mrs Burke, Mrs Hawley, Mrs Webb and Ms Melvin.

We took part in lots of activities planned for the week including- orienteering, visiting the Iron Age roundhouse, blindfold trail, maze, African drumming, pond dipping and shelter building! In the evening we went on a walk where we saw and heard bats flying and had a campfire when we toasted marshmallows.

Finding interesting creatures in the pond

There are two large ponds at Sayers Croft which have a wealth of pond life. The children were fascinated with the creatures they found. They looked at the creatures in smaller, magnifying pots and learned about life cycles and the processes that animals need to survive.

Pond dipping and finding wonderful mini-beasts

Water scorpions, newts, dragonfly larvae and lots and lots of tadpoles!

Toasting marshmallows on the campfire, singing songs and having fun.

We did African drumming in the woods. It was really fun. We had to play the rhythms with Nick.
Boom, boom, boom! I loved it!


After lunch we went on an ‘earth walk’; We were given an egg-box, which was painted different shades of green and brown. We were asked to collect things from nature that matched the colours. Then we laid out all the things we had found to make a piece of art.


We went to visit the Iron Age ‘round house’. Nick opened the big, heavy wooden door and then we all went in. It was very dark inside and there was a fire in the middle of the room. The roof was made of thatched straw. We learned about the history of the round house and then we were allowed to wear some of the clothes and weapons of that time.