St Mary’s C E Primary School Curriculum Events Evaluation 2015-16

I have been here before and it’s really fun.


Paddling in the sea was colder than I thought it would be but it was nice to do it!

Mia 2H

I really enjoyed making the words ‘St Mary’s’ out of rocks and pebbles.


On what was to be a sunny day by the seaside, Year 2 went on their annual trip to Littlehampton. Rocks and shells were collected, sandcastles built and water splashed, as both the children and adults enjoyed their own stretch of the beach, overlooked by the lifeguards.

A lot was learnt during the day including the location of the Longest Bench in the UK, what a ‘groyne’ is and why the flags are red and yellow. We also witnessed the tide coming in, which was amazing to many children, because they hadn’t realised the sea would come all the way to where they had been playing only a few hours earlier!