St Mary’s C E Primary School Curriculum Events Evaluation 2015-16

I had to wear a chain mail helmet. It was very heavy.

Emmanuel (Peach)

They had different shields so they knew which side they were on.

Amelia (Peach)

The stained glass windows in St George’s chapel were so beautiful, I could cry!

Aaron (Plum)

Year 1 visited Windsor Castle at the end of their topic on Castles. We travelled by train, a new experience for lots of the children, and did a lot of walking! The children were able to see for themselves what we had learned in school. They picked out battlements, arrow slits, a gate where a portcullis might have been and other features of a castle. We learned about the history of the castle and that when the Union flag is flying, the Queen is not there, but when the Royal Standard is flying, that means she is there. Unfortunately, she was out the day that we visited!

The children were all superstars and several of the public said that they were very well behaved. They were very respectful when we went inside St George’s chapel and also into the state apartments. We had a super day and the sun shone as well!.

Wow, did you see the huge battlements and the arrow slits? We learnt about them in school!

Ammar (Pear)