St Mary’s C E Primary School Curriculum Events Evaluation 2015-16

Y6 Residential 2016

The whole of this residential trip to PGL Liddington was fun, funny and fabulous! As we left St. Mary’s, I felt extremely excited to begin the trip. On the coach I could barely contain my excitement, so it was lucky that there was a film to distract me! When we got there we did a few brilliant activities including the terrifying but amazing Jacob’s Ladder, then we got shown to our rooms. You are in groups of three or four and have two bunk beds in each room. This gave us a chance to just chill and hang out with our friends. At the end of the trip our bedrooms were judged, and me and my group won!

The food there is amazing, as it was healthy and delicious. They had halal and vegetarian options, as well as the meat option, which meant that all of us had something tasty to choose from. All the pupils and staff enjoyed the great meals, and I can understand why! The instructors were really nice, funny and helpful, and our group – St. Mary’s – had a man called Dave. Whenever he said, “Where’s thar bin?” we had to say, “Has bin here all the time lad, where’s thar bin?” He really helped make us feel at home at PGL Liddington. I highly recommend this trip to all wishing to go!!!  Sound as a pound!

Matilda Cooksey

Y6 Residential 2016 – Canoeing

Canoeing was extremely fun! In fact, it was one of the activities I enjoyed the most! I remember ‘cheating’ by digging my oar into the sand and pushing my boat forward, giving me enough speed to zip across the lake and avoid other people.

Whilst we were inside the canoe we played 2 games called ‘Ugly Ball’ and ‘Zombies’. In the game ‘Ugly Ball’ there is an ugly ball and if it landed in your canoe, you were ugly and you needed to get it in the other person’s boat. If you successfully did this, you needed to shout ‘’ U G L Y you ain’t got no alibi… you ‘ugly’!’ But if you missed, you were still ‘ugly’ and needed to get the ball back. You can imagine how many ‘ugly’ people there were that day!

In ‘Zombies’, you needed to get away from the zombies, but carefully! You didn’t want a zombie to successfully hit the back of your canoe 3 times, because if they did, you became a zombie and you needed to get the rest of the survivors. Oh, and if you were a zombie, the tactic was to say that you were a survivor and sneak up on them. And to add character on the first hit we just said, ‘You’re…’, on the second hit we said ‘…a…’, and on the last, ‘zombie!’

The instructors were extremely funny and kind and had an optimistic mind-set which made them explain the canoeing clearly so we understood could 100%, and didn’t miss any detail. If you had any problems, you could go to them!

Canoeing was not a ‘walk in the park’ as you had to work with your partner to defend from evil flying balls or bloodthirsty tyrants of zombies but we had to be careful, as we didn’t want to capsize whilst getting away, or we’d end up cold and wet if we fell into the not so deep, cold, artic waters.

This is my advice to you. Be careful out there. 😉

Thomas Hammond

The canoeing was extremely tiring but taught me many skills such as how to keep balance and teamwork.


The canoeing… was scary… in the back of your mind… you had a thought that you would just fall in… But that was what made it so fun.


Y6 Residential 2016 – Challenge Course

While we were at Liddington one of the many activities we participated in was the Challenge Course.

This was a mixture of activities all put together, so there were two sets of car wheels which were stacked and we had to work our way through-Mission Impossible style!

And after that, there was a rope which you had to cling on to tightly and you had to swing without letting go. This was a very difficult task! I felt like I would never be able to complete this without someone constantly by my side, but once I had reached the end I found out I only had first minute nerves.

During the course I didn’t hesitate or cry for help, and I realised that you will only conquer your fear if you try, and I truly conquered my fear as I had tried!

Liana Williams

As I set my eyes upon it, a rush of excitement overpowered me!

The Challenge course was extremely fun and wet, because it started raining but we all persevered and we all got there in the end!

Y6 Residential 2016 – ‘Jacob’s Ladder’

First of all, Jacob’s ladder was not built by a guy called Jacob. It was actually built by a team of people with various names – Bob, Jack and maybe even a Jacob, in which case please ignore the previous sentence. Anyway, Jacob’s ladder consisted of 9 beams of wood, with regularly increasing intervals between them. In other words, OMG!

During those brief moments, my mind thought about why people put themselves through this. Is it ‘cos they like it or is it ‘cos they’re stupid? Definitely the latter. As Melika was being harnessed up, a wave of trepidation swept over me. When Melika set the school record that trepidation vanished, to be replaced by a determination. I will beat the record.

I will show them what ‘high’ truly means. The fire burned in me until…it stopped. It seemed that 6 rungs was the average rung height. And then our minds were blown by Hanah’s feat: 8 rungs! Once again that rage overpowered me. This time the rage stayed. I cultivated it. Because I was last to have a go, I had veritable mountain worth of bottled up anger stored inside. Finally, it was my turn. I channelled my anger into the task. I was like fire and ice.

A volcano waiting to erupt inside, but an iceberg on the outside. Pull, grab, wrap, repeat. Pull, grab, wrap, repeat. The experience was somewhat hypnotising as I got immersed into the rhythm. The only memories I have are fleeting pictures.

But what of my endeavour? Well …I failed. But at least I gave it a go!

Rachit Sabat

It’s a good way to conquer your fear of heights!

Y6 Residential 2016-Disco

On the second day of the residential after dinner we attended the best disco ever!

I was very tired after the action packed activities all day, and was a little reluctant to go as I thought it might be a bit boring. However, we all had a great time! The disco hall was jam packed with kids and teachers. At first I didn’t want to dance, until all the teachers grabbed us and started dancing. Mrs Khan really busted some moves!

Edna, Liyana, Matilda and I made a ring around Miss Mangat and Mrs Ginn as they danced in the middle and we spun in a circle around them. Soon more children joined the circle and more teachers joined in the middle. It was now a humongous St Mary’s dancing ring! All of us were dancing like professionals to certain songs. No one was nervous, shy or embarrassed; everyone had fun. Whoever didn’t come on the residential missed the time of their life.

IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!!! It felt like it was the best time of the year. In fact, it was the best time of my life.

Sophia Hussain

The disco was really, really, really fun, as I danced around with my friends for ages, but it also made me feel sad that I’ll be leaving soon.

Matilda Cooksey

The Disco is great chance to see the real fun side of your teachers

Edna Jeo

Y6 Residential 2016-Giant Swing

Some of the Year 6s were lucky enough to go to PGL Liddington for a fun filled adventure that will never be forgotten in our lives.

We took part in many thrilling activities but my most favourite was the giant swing. In this activity, your teammates pull a rope which hoists you up to whatever height you choose (low, medium and high); when you reach your specified height your teammates will let go of the rope.

However, you do not fall straight away, you have to pull a string behind you and that’s when the fun begins… Me and my partner went up to the maximum height- sweat was pouring down my forehead. We were almost touching the trees! Suddenly, my partner pulled the string, then the real fun began, now the heat had turned up to maximum. My tummy dropped and my breakfast felt like it was about to come back up…But, it didn’t! And then all I could hear was the whoosh of the breeze and the screams of my partner and I.

Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to have a second go, but it would have been great to. Overall, I recommend PGL to ALL Year 6s.

Edna Jeo

As we went first, we had no idea what pulling the string would do. My partner screamed nearly the whole time, but even so still wanted another go!

Rachit Sabat

The giant swing makes your heart leap out of your chest!

Sophia Hussain

Y6 Residential 2016 – Trapeze

The trapeze was the scariest but most adrenaline- rushing activity ever to be at PGL, but make sure that you actually grab the pole or you’ll be dangling like a spider caught in its own web, or in my case, like a bird tangled in a vine … Just imagine, it was my turn and the trapeze it was towering above me I walked to it bold like nothing could scare me but then when I reached the pole I looked up as she was putting my harness on and I thought why?

Suddenly my instructor said “time to go up eddy my man.” So I started to climb… sweat was pouring down my face like a stream and a chill ran up my back. My instructor told me then and there just when I was about to reach the top to make a bird noise when I left the trapeze! As if it wasn’t bad enough just jumping off a really small, square platform without having to squawk like a bird too! I was at the top, my heart was pumping and I was really high up in the air.

Now that I was at the top all that was left for me to do was jump, so I thought to myself ‘it’s ok- just jump, you’ll be alright,’ and in that moment I lifted my body off the ground, lunging my hand forward to grab the pole… did I make it? Yes, I did! When I opened my eyes, I found myself clinging on to the trapeze for dear life. I was very proud that I had completed it but there was one last thing I had to do, and that was make the bird noise…. As I got closer to the ground I started to ‘chirp chirp’!

Edwin Sawo

Whilst climbing the pole it felt never ending which made for a lot of tension

The trapeze was petrifying- the thought that you could fall even though you were attached to a harness was over powering!

Y6 Residential 2016-Tree Top Study Trail

Some people were lucky enough to get a place to go on the residential to PGL Liddington to have the best days of their life, and I was one of the lucky people to get a place!

On the last day of the residential, we attended Tree Top Trail. On the way to the area our instructor made us sing a song which was a great way to entertain us. When we got there, we had help putting our harness on, which was actually quite tricky and meant that a lot of us ended up with wedgies… and then the fun began!

At first we had a practice how to hook and unhook our SSB’s, so we didn’t end up falling to the ground, and instead, were safely attached to the metal wire –a broken limb was the very last thing that anyone wanted so close to the end of the excellent residential.

Then we had to face many challenges through the course. One of them were the zip wire and you had to run in mid-air or else you would fall on your bottom! That was really funny and everybody enjoyed doing it, especially the teachers! We all wore our muddy bottom prints as a badge of honour!

Srinidhi Sathishbabu

The tree top trail was scary but exciting and I definitely won’t forget the experience!

Matilda Cooksey

Y6 Residential 2016 – Zip Wire

The zip wire was one of the scariest rides in PGL but it was really fun. It was so fun that you would regret it if you didn’t go on it.

This is how it all started…My turn was coming up and I was getting excited. Really excited! When I got to the tower I looked at the stairs.

Don’t you just hate those stairs with gaps in-between them? Well those were the stairs. I was getting nervous. As I was going up the stairs, it felt never-ending.

Within moments I got to the waiting area. Phew. I looked down and I was really high. I was scared as I went down… I felt really petrified when I went down. But, once everyone had their go, I wanted to go again! I got to the waiting area. Waiting, waiting and Waiting. “Blue person please.” That was me. I went to the top and a shiver ran down my spine. I shivered and quivered.

The instructor attached my harness to the rope and told me to stand on the edge of the platform. He told me to sit down. I closed my eyes… Within a split second, I felt myself in mid-air. I opened my eyes and I was on the zip wire. It felt like one of the most exciting rides of my life. When I got to the bottom, I felt really happy that I did the zip wire.

It was one of the best activities at PGL! I would recommend it to anyone who wants to face (and conquer) their fear of heights.

Sulayman Farid

I shouted “Geronimo” when I jumped off.