St Mary’s C E Primary School Curriculum Events Evaluation 2015-16

The Great St Mary’s Bake-Off took place over three days and involved many areas of learning and the use of a large number of skills.

The aim: develop and make the best tasting and best looking cupcake you can!

Interpreting a Recipe

Firstly, the groups were given the opportunity to look at recipe books and see the types of ingredients and flavours they might think of using. Also to get ideas for the presentation of their cupcakes.

The groups were given a recipe and, without any assistance, had to follow that recipe to make a batch of cupcakes.

The children had to follow the recipes, weigh out ingredients – with different units of measure listed, decide how to mix the ingredients – and when to stop.

Some groups were more successful that others!

These cupcakes were then taste- tested by the group and their appearance scrutinised by breaking the cupcakes open and seeing if they were light and fluffy – as in the photographs.

I really enjoyed the experience because I got to work with other people from the other classes. We were able to show our creativity through the cupcakes and honestly, they were delicious!

Nadia 6KR

I had great fun and I particularly enjoyed the piping – which was hard, and I learnt that putting food colouring into chocolate cupcakes doesn’t always turn out very well!

Jessica 6G

After the children had analysed their first attempt at making cupcakes, they went back to the recipe and decided where they would make any changes.

The Invention Test

After looking at the types of flavourings available, the groups had to design their own cupcake. This involved looking at the flavour and colour of the cupcake.

There were long discussions about which flavours went well together and which didn’t.
They had to think and plan carefully as this was the cupcake that the judges would be tasking and judging! No room for error!

The Icing Challenge

We watched a YouTube video showing possible ways to ice cupcakes. It looked daunting! Each design was beautiful but so technical – and looked almost impossible to achieve in the day we had to master it.

It was a challenge!

We then designed and experimented with piping techniques – and chose the very best one to present to the judges.

During the Great St Mary’s Bake-Off, I enjoyed icing the cupcakes for the final judging. After watching a few tutorials, I thought I wouldn’t be able to decorate the cupcakes to a high standard – but I tried.
I got there after a few practises.

Safa 6KR

Marketing and Advertising

As with all businesses, we had to think about our company name, product name and product description. We had to use some of our most descriptive English – and even invented new words to describe how luscious and tasty our cupcakes were.

The Judging!

Judging afternoon dawn sunning and bright! Two and a half days of work, learning, designing and baking were about to be judged by three of the toughest judges known in the culinary world: Mrs Cross, Mrs Garrett and Sarah the School Cook.

Nerves were taut.

Hands were shaking.

The room fell silent as the three judges entered. This was it.

The three judges went from group to group – looking intently at each cupcake before testing each one. Comments were made in whispers so we couldn’t hear. We were asked tough questions about how we had designed the colour and flavour of each cupcake.

I think that the Great St Mary’s Bake-Off was really great fun. It helped me by having us work as teams. It also helped with my measuring – all those ingredients! I wasn’t really good at baking before but now I think I am.
My favourite part of the Great St Mary’s Bake-Off was when it was judging time. It was so scary! I was so nervous!

Rafay 6KR

Skills developed:

• Team work and collaboration
• Reading for meaning
• Measuring – weighing accurately
• Following instructions
• Enticing description and persuasion
• Visual marketing and advertising
• Flavouring and colouring – what works and what doesn’t
• Explanation