St Mary’s C E Primary School Curriculum Events Evaluation 2015-16

The children in Year 6 went to the Slough Baptist Church in early December for an educational, fun-filled visit. They had the opportunity to learn more about Christmas from Pastor Andy Perryman and his staff and discover fun and interesting facts they had not known previously, through song, video and PowerPoint. The children were given little books that they could complete fun games and activates in, as they learned about what really happened in the story of Jesus’ birth.

This was followed by a chance to get a little messy and create their own mince pies and decorate the lids however they wanted, which the children took great delight in and did so enthusiastically. The results were spectacular and really exhibited the creativity levels in Year 6.

As they waited for their mince pies to cook and cool, the children were given the chance to move around the church, going from display board to display board, jotting down information into the books they were given. The church staff was impressed with how engaged the children in Year 6 were during this activity.

This was followed by a surprise visit from a mad scientist that had the children absolutely captivated. Overall it was a fantastic experience that the children loved, especially when they walked out of the church with their mince pies all wrapped up and warm as a parting gift.

At the church it was fun making mince pies because we got to work together.

Khiana M

The mad scientist was funny, and he taught us a lot of new facts we didn’t know before.

Dominika R

We had fun doing the activities and learned so much!

Ali M