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Slough children start school in the September of the year in which they become five. Reception class children start with a half-day and progress to a full day when the child is ready for this.

Criteria for admission to the school are as follows:

  1. Children with a Statement of Special Educational Needs that names St Mary’s will be allocated a place above all other applicants.
  2. Children in Public Care (Looked After)
  3. Children who have brothers or sisters attending the school when the applicant would enter the school.
  4. Children whose home address is in the catchment area of the school.
  5. Children whose parents have selected the school on denominational grounds.
  6. Children who have strong medical or social grounds for admission. The reasons must be fully supported in writing by a professional person such as a doctor or social worker, and returned with the application form.
  7. All other applicants.

If we do not have places for all the children in one of the categories above, priority will be given to children who fall into more than one of the categories. If there are still not enough places and it is not possible to decide who should be offered places using the criteria above, then a final decision will be made by calculating the distance from the home to the school, priority being given to those who live the closest.

Children who attend our nursery class do not automatically gain admission to the main school. A separate school application form must be filled in and submitted to the Admissions Team at the Council. All admissions to main school are considered in accordance with the school’s admission criteria.

More information can be found at

Please ask at the school office about in-year admissions.


Parents may put their children’s names on the nursery waiting list at the age of two, but places are normally allocated in the child’s third year. Most admissions will be in September each year, although places do become available during the year if families move away from the area.

Criteria for admissions are as follows:

  1. Children with educational or social needs (applications on these grounds must be supported in writing by a relevant professional such as a social worker or a GP).
  2. Children with a brother or sister at St Mary’s at the proposed date of admission.
  3. Children whose parents choose the school on denominational (religious) grounds (such applications require a letter of support from the family’s minister).
  4. Children who live closest to the school (a straight line on a map from the child’s home to the school is used to calculate distance).
  5. Children will normally be offered at least three terms of nursery education, although this depends on pressure of numbers. Nursery places will be withdrawn if children do not attend regularly, or if they go abroad for an extended holiday.

The Nursery

The nursery has separate morning and afternoon sessions with provision for 26 children at each. The nursery is run by a nursery teacher, a nursery nurse and a bilingual support assistant. Extra help is sometimes provided by student nursery nurses from a local college.

In the nursery we aim to provide a secure and stimulating indoor and outdoor environment which enables each child to explore six areas of development: personal, emotional and social development, language, maths, knowledge and understanding of the world (including technology, geography and history), creative and physical development. The Nursery classes and Reception classes form what is known as the Foundation Stage of education.

Nursery and Reception staff work closely together to ensure continuity and progression and smooth transfer between the stages.

All new parents are invited to visit the nursery with their children before admittance. Once the children start nursery there are ample opportunities for parents to meet and talk to the staff.